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What are the differences between the editions you offer?

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I have 100 developers but only 5 of them will be creating custom aspects. How many licenses should I purchase?

Everybody who modifies and builds code that has aspects needs a license. If the 100 developers modify the code that uses the aspects created by the 5 senior developers, you will need 100 licenses.

I have 100 developers but only 5 of those will create code that uses aspects. The others will build the code but not modify it. How many licenses should I purchase?

Everybody who modifies and builds code that has aspects needs a license. In this case, only 5 developers modify the code that has aspects, so you only need to buy 5 licenses.

Can I use PostSharp Essentials for commercial products?

Yes. You can build commercial products using PostSharp Essentials and redistribute them. Express Edition contains all the features of PostSharp Ultimate, however, the number of types to which you can apply aspects is limited to 10 per project or 50 per solution.

What does Maintenance Subscription include?

Maintenance Subscriptions provide free updates, including bug-fixing and major releases, during the duration of the subscription. Note that bug-fixing releases will not be available without a maintenance subscription. The subscription also includes web-based support and a limited number of e-mail premium support cases.

Can I order a multi-year maintenance subscription?

Yes. We provide multi-year maintenance subscription plans on PostSharp Professional and PostSharp Ultimate. When you select to buy one of these products on our Purchase page, you will be directed to our Support Plan page where you can choose from 1, 2 or 3 years of maintenance subscription which includes free updates, bug fixes and web-based support. Visit our purchase page to choose your subscription.

Do we need a license for our build server?

No. Build servers don’t need their own license.

Do we need to install a license on our build server?

Normally no. PostSharp will detect that it runs under a build server, and won't enforce licensing. In case that PostSharp fails to detect the build server, you can install any license key on the build server using the utility PostSharp Settings. Learn more about using PostSharp on a build server in the documentation.

Do you offer site licensing?

Contact us for more details.

How does the concurrent-developer licensing model work?

You need a license if you create or modify code using PostSharp. If you only build code that is using PostSharp, you don't need to purchase a license. The key is to determine how many developers are likely to create or modify code using PostSharp and buy enough licenses to cover that number.
Commercial Licenses are floating and allow for use on any computer, operating system, and by any developer within a legal entity, provided that the total number of users never exceeds the number of purchased licenses within a 24-hour period. A single user may use maximum 2 different computers during a 24-hour period.

Will my PostSharp license expire after the end of the maintenance subscription?

No. All licenses are perpetual. The maintenance subscription only determines which version of the product you are allowed to use.  If you are allowed to use a version one day, it will work every day. Actually, the build date of the product release needs to be within the maintenance period.

Can I amend or modify the License Agreement?

Some amendments are routinely accepted for orders of a significant size. Other amendments need to be reviewed by our lawyers.  Please contact us for more information.

How is the concurrent license enforced?

PostSharp periodically uploads usage data to our servers and these are analyzed for license compliance.

Is it possible to disable license audit?

Established companies can ask to opt out from license audit. Please contact us for more information.

Does your software require a connection to the Internet?

No. PostSharp will work even if fully disconnected from the network.

Where can I find the complete text of the License Agreement?


My application has a dependency to PostSharp.dll. Do I need a redistribution license?

No. PostSharp licenses allow for royalty-free redistribution of components that need to run on end-user devices. These include PostSharp.dll and runtime libraries. Please contact us if you want to discuss a specific situation.

Is it possible to get a PostSharp Essentials company license for our whole team?

No. Unlike the commercial editions of PostSharp, free PostSharp Essentials licenses are named-user licenses and thus require every developer to check out their own license. If you need company licensing, choose PostSharp Professional or PostSharp Ultimate edition.

Upgrades & Renewals

How do I renew my maintenance subscription?

To renew your maintenance subscription, navigate to Upgrades & Renewals page, enter your license key and proceed with the purchase process.

What if I choose not to renew maintenance subscription?

You may continue to use the software as normal but free upgrades, bug fixes and support will no longer be available to you.

Can I renew for multiple years of maintenance subscription?

Yes. After entering your license key on the Upgrades & Renewals page, you will be prompted to select either a 1 or 2 years maintenance subscription.

Does maintenance subscription renewal start on the day of the purchase?

No. Maintenance subscription renewals always date back to the previous subscription end date. Contact us if you need more information about your current subscriptions.

Can I upgrade from PostSharp Professional to PostSharp Ultimate?

Yes, you can upgrade online while your maintenance subscription is active. Contact us for more information.


How are licenses delivered?

The software is delivered electronically. An email with your license key will be sent to you shortly after the purchase.

What payment methods do you accept?

The following payment methods are available for online orders: Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, DinersClub, American Express, JCB, PostePay, Discover(Novus) and Carte Bleue); Bank transfer (Wire/ACH transfer); Paypal; Alipay; Directebanking.com (sofortueberweisung.de); Check; FAX payment; Purchase order; TrialPay; GiroPay; Ideal; Solo; Direct Debit; WebMoney.

For offline orders, payments via wire transfer, PayPal (and all credit cards accepted by PayPal) or certified check are possible.

I don't want to buy online through 2Checkout. What are the other possibilities?

You can contact us directly. The purchase process is as follows:

  1. You send us a quote request.
  2. We reply with a quote.
  3. You accept the quote and send us a purchase order.
  4. We reply with a payment request (pro-forma invoice).
  5. You pay via wire transfer, certified check or PayPal.
  6. After receipt of the payment, we send you the license key and a final invoice.


Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Learn more about our volume pricing here.

Do you provide discounts for students/teachers?

Yes. We offer free PostSharp Ultimate Academic licenses to students and teachers at accredited schools and training facilities. Apply Now.

Do you provide discounts for schools/training companies?

We offer free classroom licenses to accredited educational facilities including community colleges, universities, and training companies for teaching in the classroom by professors, trainers, and students. Contact us.

Do you provide discounts for MVPs and influencers?

Yes. We offer free PostSharp licenses to Microsoft MVPs, popular bloggers, user group leaders, and authors. Apply Now.

Do you provide discounts for freelancers?

Yes. We offer free licenses to qualified freelancers. Apply Now.

Do you provide discounts for startups?

Yes. We offer a one-time 1,000 USD discount on PostSharp to companies enrolled in the Microsoft for Startups program. Contact us.

Do you provide discounts for open-source projects?

We allow selected open-source projects to use and redistribute PostSharp for free, even Pro Edition features. Developers using the project will not be required to register or acquire a license as long as they use PostSharp in conjunction with the project. Contact us.

Do you provide discounts for non-profit organizations?

An additional discount may be offered for qualified non-profit organizations. Contact us for more details.

Did you know?

We offer free PostSharp Ultimate licenses to freelancers, Microsoft MVPs, influencers, students and teachers, and support open-source projects and members of Microsoft for Startups program.
See the discount section for more information.