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PostSharp Fast Track

1. Download PostSharp

There is a single download for all editions and licenses. Available features will vary according to the license key you enter.

The easiest way to get started is to install PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio:

You can also download the zip distribution, NuGet packages, or releases notes for PostSharp 6.4.5.

2. Free or Pro: Your Choice

When installing PostSharp, choose between a 45-day trial of PostSharp Ultimate, the free PostSharp Essentials, or enter a license key.

Curious of how quickly you will get your money back?

If you're in a big team or have a slow procurement process, you can request a 60-day renewable key that you can share with your team.

3. Get Started

When you're all set, you can start adding aspects to your application.

More Resources

Previous versions

All versions dating back from 2009 are still available for download.

Offline documentation

Download the documentation in CHM for off-line viewing or PDF format for printing.