PostSharp [Essentials]

A free but limited edition of PostSharp. Start your rebellion against boilerplate.

Best Value

Powerful Alone. Stronger Together.

PostSharp [Ultimate]

The complete package to remove boilerplate code from your .NET codebases.. Includes a Metalama license.

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$625 / developer

PostSharp [Framework]

Build your own aspects and start eliminating boilerplate from your .NET codebases.

Includes a Metalama license.

Starting from
$355 / developer

PostSharp [Logging]

Add highly detailed logging to your .NET projects with zero impact on source code.

Starting from
$150 / developer

PostSharp [MVVM]

Eliminate the INotifyPropertyChanged boilerplate and more.

Starting from
$150 / developer

PostSharp [Threading]

Write verifiable thread-safe code in .NET without exploding your brain.

Starting from
$150 / developer

PostSharp [Caching]

Improve the performance of your .NET apps with a simple custom attribute.

Starting from
$150 / developer

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If you are not fully satisfied with PostSharp, we will refund your money within 45 days of purchase — no questions asked.

60-Day Team Evaluation License

Do you have a large team or a slow procurement process? Begin your team evaluation with a shareable 60-day evaluation license key.

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