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Per Developer

$150 1st year
$90 next*
  • Unlimited amount of code.
  • Includes a perpetual license. You can build forever, but you cannot update after your subscription expires.
  • Includes one year of support and updates.

Per Usage

$250 1st year
$150 next*
  • Unlimited number of developers.
  • Includes a perpetual license. You can build forever, but you cannot update after your subscription expires.
  • Includes one year of support and updates.

Per-Developer vs Per-Usage Subscription

1. What is KSLOC?

KSLOC is equal to 1000 logical lines of code of all types that have at least one aspect.

2. What is the difference between Per-Usage and Per-Developer licensing?

Per-Usage licensing means that you are purchasing one subscription which can be shared by many repositories. The price depends on the number of Source Lines Of Code (SLOC) to which you apply PostSharp. So you can get started by adding PostSharp to a large team and project without the initial high investment.

You can have unlimited number of developer working with the license, as long as the size of the code to which you apply PostSharp does not exceed the number of KSLOC you purchased. If that happens, you can purchase additional number of KSLOC at anytime.

Check below to find out how many KSLOC you should buy.

Per-Developer licensing means that the subscription is bought for one or more users. There are no limits to the number of KSLOC.

3. Which type of licensing is the best for my team?

Per-Usage licensing

  • There are a lot of developers on your team but you want to start using PostSharp on a small project or component.
  • Your team wants to build a component using PostSharp that other people will use, and you don’t want them to have a PostSharp license.
  • You want to start small as you cannot estimate how big your project will become.
  • You are not sure how many developers in the team will be using PostSharp.
  • You are just starting with PostSharp and you don’t want to have big commitment until you test it works for you.

Per-Developer licensing

  • You have fixed or predictable number of developers who are going to build code enhanced by PostSharp.
  • Your company has strong privacy and security requirements and cloud-based licensing is not acceptable for you.
  • Your company is simply more comfortable with a traditional per-developer licensing model.

4. I want to buy Per-Usage subscription, how many KSLOC should I buy?

  1. Download and run PostSharp SLOC Counter. PostSharp counts 1 line per declaration and per debugging step.
  2. Apply the usage factor. Customers typically add aspects to 10-20% of their code, except for logging, where this factor can be 100%.
  3. Remove 1000. Every subscription comes with 1 KSLOC for free.

Example. You have a solution Foo.sln where Visual Studio Code Metrics compute 18 KSLOC. Using PostSharp SLOC Counter, you figure out that PostSharp sees only 10 KSLOC (that’s fine, the rest are probably comments, namespace statements, and so on). You’re likely to add aspects to 20% of this code, that’s 2 KSLOC. 1 comes for free, so you need to purchase 1.

Don’t worry if you get it wrong. You can increase your usage at any time without penalty.

5. I want to buy Per-Developer subscription, how do I know how many seats I need?

Everybody who builds code that has aspects needs a license. If the 100 developers build the code that uses the aspects created by the 5 senior developers, you will need 100 licenses.

Visit our FAQ for more answers or contact our sales support and we will be happy to assist.