PostSharp Diagnostics Pattern Library

Logging and Tracing

Add comprehensive logging to your app without impact on source code.

  • Super easy. You'll be done in minutes.
  • Multi-Framework Support
  • High Performance

Trace everything you need in minutes. Remove as quickly.

Great support from richer logs

Detailed information – Log entries contain the values of all the input parameters and return values adding valuable information for maintenance and support work.

Consistent formatting – All log entries created will have the same format and structure making them easier to read and understand.

Minimal impact on source code

Centralized configuration – Add logging to every method call in an application with one line of code. Want to remove logging? Just comment out that line. You can also control logged locations at a method or class level.

Accelerated adoption – Developers can quickly and easily learn to add logging using the PostSharp wizard.

The choice is yours

Enterprise Library

Multi-framework support – Continue to use your favorite framework: log4net, NLog, Enterprise Library, Diagnostics.Trace, Console

Configure at runtime – You can enable or disable tracing at the level of namespace or type with changing the application configuration file.

Key Facts

Daniel Wolf

The new code is much less complex and much easier to maintain. This is what really saves time and money in the long run.

Daniel Wolf, Project Manager, mobileX AG

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