PostSharp Essentials

A free edition of PostSharp to start your rebellion against boilerplate.

Limited to 10 enhanced classes per project,
plus PostSharp Diagnostics Developer Edition with no project size limitation.

Unlimited features. Limited scope.

What's In

  • All features of PostSharp Ultimate.
  • Go-production license, commercial-friendly license.
  • No time limitation.* Your code will always run.
  • Community support on StackOverflow.


  • PostSharp Diagnostics will stop logging one day after you application has been built. That's why we call it PostSharp Diagnostics Developer Edition.
  • PostSharp Framework, PostSharp XAML, PostSharp Threading and PostSharp Caching are limited to 10 classes per project.
  • All developers on the team need to check out their own license key.
There is just a single download. download
To use PostSharp Essentials, download PostSharp and say you want to use PostSharp Essentials when asked for a license key.