PostSharp Model


Give your users the familiar Undo/Redo experience without breaking the bank.

  • Undo/Redo any object state change.
  • Handle multiple changes as one step.
  • Expose in the UI with built-in or custom controls.

Undo/redo doesn't need to be overwhelming.

Deliver the UX expected

Familiar office experience – Deliver the productivity experience your users expect. Add multi-step undo/redo to your application.

Meaningful operation granularity – Build it how they will use it. Easily group multiple changes into single operations that are meaningful to users.

Meaningful operation names – We know your users don’t want technical terms in the user interface. Configure meaningful names for Undo/Redo operations automatically or manually.

Affordable functionality… finally

Radically lower development costs – Undo/redo no longer requires large amounts of custom code. Tell users that this functionality can be added with much lower cost than in the past.

Little impact on source code – We did all of the hard work for you. Identify the areas where you need Undo/Redo and make minimal changes in source code.

Ready-made user controls – Just include the prebuilt XAML controls to deliver the familiar Undo/Redo experience to the user.


Rich API – When needed you are able to define the granularity of operations, customize names of those operations, and create a unique user experience.

INotifyPropertyChanged – We realize that Undo/Redo and INotifyPropertyChanged both operate on the same UI bound objects and we made sure that they will work together efficiently and seamlessly.

Key Facts

Supported Platforms

.NET Framework 4.0, 4.5

Windows Phone 8, 8.1

Windows Store 8, 8.1