PostSharp Essentials

A free edition of PostSharp to start your rebellion against boilerplate.

  • Unlimited logging on your development machine.
  • Apply all other patterns to up to 10 classes per project.
  • A great solution for prototypes and small personal projects.

Unlimited features. Limited scope.

What's In

  • All features of PostSharp Ultimate.
  • Go-production license, commercial-friendly license.
  • No time limitation.* Your code will always run.
  • Community support on StackOverflow.


  • PostSharp Logging will stop logging one day after you application has been built. That's why we call it PostSharp Logging Developer Edition.
  • PostSharp Framework, PostSharp MVVM, PostSharp Threading and PostSharp Caching are limited to 10 classes per project.
  • All developers on the team need to check out their own license key.
There is just a single download. download
To use PostSharp Essentials, download PostSharp and say you want to use PostSharp Essentials when asked for a license key.