Metalama [Free]

A free edition of Metalama to start writing cleaner code, respectful to design patterns and architecture.

  • Up to 3 community aspect libraries, custom aspect classes, or ready-made Metalama aspect class per project.
  • Works with commercial projects.
  • Use any community aspect for free without limitation.

What's in and what's not?

What's Included

  • Generate code of any complexity with aspect-oriented.
  • Validate architecture with custom attributes.
  • Use open-source aspect libraries.
  • Maximum 3 aspect classes and/or community aspect libraries.

What's Not Included

  • Unlimited number of aspect classes or community aspect libraries.
  • Validate architecture with a fluent API from fabrics.
  • Add aspects in bulk with fabrics or aspect inheritance.
  • Step into the generated code while debugging.
  • Run automated code generation tests for aspects.

See the detailed feature matrix.
How to switch to Metalama Free.

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