Metalama for Open-Source

We offer three complimentary licensing options tailored for open-source aficionados. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Complimentary Personal Licenses for Contributors

Do you regularly contribute to open-source projects — even those unrelated to Metalama? Based on your GitHub profile, you may qualify for a complimentary Metalama Ultimate personal license, which can be used in both your open-source and commercial projects.

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Complimentary Licenses for Open-Source Projects

With a namespace-bound license key, anyone who builds your project will have full access to all features of Metalama Ultimate, free of charge.

Simply send us an email with your project's root namespace for a quick review. Upon approval, you'll receive a license key to include in your Git repository's Directory.Build.props file. This key will be valid for anyone who builds your project.

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Certify Your Aspect Library for Additional Rewards

Do you have a high-quality aspect library? We offer additional benefits for you. Upon reviewing your code, your library could earn the Metalama Certified label.

In recognition of your contribution to Metalama's success, you'll receive complimentary vouchers for Metalama Ultimate licenses to share with friends or followers.

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Please note that these offers are exclusively available to individual contributors. For open-source projects with corporate backing, please contact us for more information.