PostSharp Aspect Framework

Basic Aspects
Exception handling, method decorator, method interception, property/field interception. Read more.
Build-Time Validation
Ensure that your aspect is being used where expected. Read more.
Attribute Multicasting
Apply aspects to large codebases declaratively using custom attributes. Read more.
Aspect Inheritance
Add aspects to a class/interface or abstract/virtual/interface method, and have the aspect automatically applied to implementations
Advanced Aspects
Event interception, dynamic aspect providers, pointcuts and advices, dynamic advice providers. Read more.
Support for Async and Iterator Methods
Add aspects to async methods and automatic iterators. Intercept OnYield and OnResume semantics.
Aspect Optimizer
Have PostSharp analyze your aspects and just generate instructions that are necessary to support the features the aspects actually use.

PostSharp Diagnostics

$44 buy now
Detailed Tracing
Add logging to your codebase and keep it in sync, automatically, with support for NLog, Log4Net, and Enterprise Library. Read more.

50 methods per project

PostSharp Model

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Implement the right property change notifications at the right time, automatically. Read more.

10 classes per project

10 classes per project

Record changes on your model objects so so you can undo and redo them, automatically. Read more.

10 classes per project

10 classes per project

Code Contracts
Add precondition checking to your codebase using custom attributes. Read more.

10 classes per project

10 classes per project

A library of best practice design patterns that enable you to build multithreaded .NET applications with less code and higher reliability.

PostSharp Threading

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Threading Models
Write thread-safe code in C# or VB with Immutable, Freezable, Synchronized, Reader-Writer Synchronized, Actor, Thread Affine and Thread Unsafe threading models. Read more.

10 classes per project

10 classes per project

Thread Dispatching
Simplify dispatching execution back and forth between background and foreground threads. Read more.

10 classes per project

10 classes per project

Deadlock Detection
Simplify the diagnosis of deadlocks in your project and never allow your application to freeze without an error message. Read more.

PostSharp Architecture Framework

Extended Reflection API
Get what System.Reflection does not give to you: programmatically browse used-using, parent-child, or member-type relationships at high speed using PostSharp's internal indexes. Read more.
Syntax Tree Decompiler
Decompile methods to Abstract Syntax Trees and perform finer analysis. Read more.
Architecture Validation
Enforce good design using standard and custom rules. Read more.


.NET Framework
Build applications targeting .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0, or 4.5.
Build applications targeting Silverlight 5.0.
Windows Phone
Build applications targeting Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1.
Windows Store
Build applications targeting Windows Store 8 or 8.1.
Portable Class Libraries
Build portable class libraries 4.0, 4.5 or 4.6.
Build applications targeting iOS and Android using Xamarin.

Visual Studio Integration

Code Editor Enhancements
Immediately see which aspects are applied to the code you're editing thanks to code adornments and enhanced tooltips.
Aspect Browser
See all aspects present in your solution and which declarations have been affected.
File and Line Number of Error Messages
Simply double-click on an error message to get to the relevant line of source code.


Commercial Use
Use PostSharp for development of production/commercial software.
See licensing FAQ.
Royalty-Free Redistribution of Runtimes
Distribute PostSharp.dll and runtime libraries that need to run on end-user devices. See licensing FAQ.
Perpetual License
No time bomb. If you can use a specific version of PostSharp one day,
you can use it every day. See licensing FAQ.


1 Year of Free Updates
Get bug fixes and major releases during the duration of the subscription.
Premium Support
Have your issues addressed with priority, use phone and desktop sharing (limited number of premium support cases available).
Prices for United States are quoted in USD. Change the currency.

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Money Back Guarantee

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

PostSharp is backed by a 45-day money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with PostSharp’s ability to help you produce more versatile applications with fewer lines of code, we will give you your money back within 45-days of purchase. No questions asked.