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Wanted: .NET Software Engineers

Five reasons you should consider working at PostSharp Technologies if you're a Prague-based .NET software engineer:

  1. Make impact in the .NET community and feel connected with your peers.
  2. Enjoy a healthy, family-sized team where fairness and relationships matter.
  3. Top benefits including profit sharing and 10% time back for learning.
  4. Stay on the cutting edge of .NET technologies
  5. Czech language welcome but not required.

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Make impact in the .NET community

Imagine the feeling when you walk into a crowd of .NET developers with your company t-shirt and people stop you to say they are using your product. Real software engineers just like you rely on your code to get their work done. Just imagine the pride.

Not many companies succeed in selling development tools. Not only PostSharp is one of them, but it's also one of the most innovative! We're at the edge of research and development in compiler technologies. As a privately-owned company, we do what we believe is good and not what investors are able to understand. That's how we're changing the way developers think about coding.

Enjoy a healthy, family-sized team

At PostSharp, we understand that the quality of the time we spend at work has a great influence on our well-being, and that well-being at work is not just about fitness, but first about relationships and management style.

  • High-end office space. Great landscape, rooms of 3 people maximum, top-notch hardware and furniture.
  • Fitness room, showers and bike parking directly on the facility.
  • No manager. You will directly talk and work with the company founder every single day.
  • No stupid deadlines. No meaningless pressure. We sell a finished product, not promises.
  • Positive attitude towards failures. We consider glitches as symptoms of systemic issues and as opportunities to learn and grow – not to blame.
  • Continuous improvement. Eight times a year, we organize professionally-led workshops for self- and team development.
  • Free coaching. We will encourage you to have coaching sessions with a certified professional during your working hours.
  • Fairness. 20% of profit goes to employees, 5% to philanthropy

Stay on the cutting edge of .NET technologies

Sure, every HR department pretends you'll be using the very last technology.

At PostSharp, it's part of our core business to upgrade to the very last bits of every technology stack we officially support. As a part of PostSharp, you'll proactively monitor all new releases and carefully evaluate their impact on our product. And you'll understand why the cutting edge is cutting.

Our technology stack includes: C#, MSIL, Visual Studio SDK, WPF, .NET Core, .NET Standard, MSBuild, NuGet, TeamCity, Git, Azure, Amazon Web Services, ASP.NET, Roslyn.

We offer top benefits

  • High-end salaries.
  • 25 days of paid vacation per year.
  • 5 no-question-asked sick days per year.
  • 10% Time Back for learning, research, or side projects.
  • Flexible hours and home office.
  • Profit sharing: 20% profit goes to employees.
  • Highly flexible, no-nonsense cafeteria system.
  • Attend international conferences at <25% of the cost.

Our requirements

  • A master degree in computer science, maths or physics, or a PhD in a different topic.
  • Proficiency in C#.
  • Proficiency in English. Czech is not required.
  • Interest in programming languages, compilers, and low-level stuff.
  • The legal right to work in Czech Republic as an employee.

Sounds like a dream job? To apply, or to simply have a non-binding discussion and visit the office, send an informal email to the .