Project Dashboards

To foster transparency in our development and maintenance processes, we publish the main dashboards of our development team. Please note that we utilize GitHub for tracking questions, bugs, and feature requests from the community. These boards originate from our internal agile management system.


This dashboard displays the status of user stories and bugs assigned to each release. We routinely move backlogged and planned items to subsequent releases based on our actual progress and updated objectives.

Open Kanban

Bug Backlog

This dashboard presents the bugs in our backlog and their priority. Most of these bugs have been discovered through internal testing, not by customers. We prioritize addressing customer-reported bugs. Bugs are generally processed from left to right, then from top to bottom. Severe, blocking, or critical bugs are prioritized over user stories, but annoying bugs are not. We classify as severe any bug that would require a change in the target source code, while annoying bugs are defects that can be worked around by changing the aspect code. We also consider the support level and team size of the affected customers.

Open Bug Backlog

Release Roadmap

This board displays the different releases we are working on or planning. Lanes start when we begin work on a release (usually when we finish the RC of another release) and end when we discontinue support for that release. Each release has a small number of themes and we strive to keep the user stories consistent with these themes. The Freeze date is the estimated time when we plan to stop merging new work items into the branch, allowing us to commence manual testing on different platforms.

Open Release Roadmap