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Developers spend up to 20% of their time writing repetitive code that algorithms could generate more reliably.

Boilerplate: probably the biggest downside of vanilla C#

C# lacks a pattern keyword

Unlike many other languages, C# lacks a modern problem decomposition mechanism to cope with features like logging or caching, design patterns like INotifyPropertyChanged, or threading models like immutable or thread affine.

Therefore, developers must write tons of low-level repetitive code that requires little ingenuity but is highly error-prone: the notorious boilerplate.

It is like building a huge warehouse with bricks and mortar,
because we don't have concrete panels yet.

What is boilerplate costing you?

A Total Waste of Your Time

Boilerplate leads to increased development time; boredom and frustration; and writing it is a waste of time.

Your App is Unreliable

Boilerplate causes too many bugs; makes the code hard to fit in your brain; and makes hardening features unaffordable.

Your App is Unmaintainable

Boilerplate makes your business logic unreadable; is often inconsistently implemented across the team; and is difficult to refactor.

Aspects: the remedy to boilerplate

Aspects are like custom attributes that alter the way your code executes. They are special classes that describe how the compiler should enhance your source code. Aspects can also validate that hand-written code complies with predefined rules.

You can think of PostSharp as a next-generation aspect-oriented framework that includes the best from static analysis and metaprogramming.

Example Aspects

  • Logging
  • NotifyPropertyChanged
  • Caching
  • Immutable
  • ...

How does it work?

1. Add PostSharp to your project and annotate your code with [CustomAttributes]. 2. The C# or VB compiler builds your code into binaries. 3. PostSharp analyzes the binary and injects the implementation of the aspects.

At run time, your application is fast because the hard work was done at build time.
Your source code remains crystal clear.

The result: your code is shorter and cleaner

More Free Time for Meaningful Development Tasks

PostSharp moves your implementation workloads from the team to the compiler; helps you focus on meaningful and inventive tasks; and makes the most of your team

Your Application is More Reliable

PostSharp leads to less boilerplate which means fewer bugs; helps coding at a right level of abstraction and hardening becomes affordable

Your Codebase is Easier to Read and Maintain

PostSharp helps in writing crystal-clear code; improves code consistency and compliance; and improves architecture

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